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Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Flip Cover Folio Case Wholesale

Posted on May 15, 2013 | in Samsung Cases Reviews | by

When Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 Android smartphone, it also revealed a family of official accessories that would accompany its release,Samsung S View Flip Cover for Galaxy S4 is one of them.

This case has a window at the top of the cover that can provide you with basic information.And being able to answer or decline calls through the window and also to quickly check for messages or see battery level.

It has a nice design, with the back of the flip case actually functioning as the back of the phone.It actually replaces the stock back battery cover on your phone and this will keeps the bulk down.

The case also used the samrt magnetic technology that opening the cover activates your screen without having to hit any buttons. Closing the cover brings up the little information screen visible through the window in the front cover.

Samsung Galaxy S IV S-View Flip Cover is available in a variety of colors so there is certain to be a color to match anyone’s personality. Even the most fashion-sensitive smartphone user will find a case or two that matches their personal style.

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